Himalayan Hot Stone

Himalayan Hot Stone

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage is an innovative healing technique using salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The finest and first of its kind the Himalayan salt massage stones reduces tension, stress and relieve pain and inflammation.

During the massage therapy, a number of Himalayan salt massage stones will be placed at particular trigger points of your body. These stones will relax the points and allow the energy to flow smoothly. Some of these points are the joints, the spinal cord and the palm of your hands.

Swedish massage techniques are used to apply pressure with the hot stones at different areas of the body.

Some of the salt stones used are slightly pointed at the tips which help in applying pressure in the trouble areas.

The stone massage does not only relax aching and stressed muscles but also helps in balancing the body’s electromagnetic field. The stone has the ability to align the energy pathways of the body and balance the nervous system because of its natural resonant frequency.

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