Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage

As the name suggests, involves the use of hot stones, most commonly basalt, a volcanic rock that can hold heat for a comparatively long time. Spa Imbue therapist swill place the heated stones on specific parts of the body. We will also massage you with the stones by pressing them against your muscles. The heat from the stones relaxes tight muscles and enables the therapist to reach deeper tissues more easily.

Some practitioners believe that the stones symbolize natural forces for they have been shaped and smoothed by the river. They believe that the smoother the stone is, the more healing power it contains. Spa Imbue therapists will follow acupressure traditions and thus place the stones along the body’s meridians. As per Chinese tradition, meridians are pathways or channels through which vital energy flows.

People with certain medical conditions like diabetes, varicose veins, or heart disease should check with their doctor before getting a hot stone massage. Clients who take blood-thinners should also talk to their doctor.

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